How to Add New User to Site


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Step 1: On your dashboard, go to Settings > Team & Users > Add New

There are 2 options to add a user:

  • Add Existing User: If the user you are trying to add is already an existing LimeFunnels user with an active account, enter their email address or username to invite them to your site.

  • Add New User: If you're adding a user who has never been to LimeFunnels, use this section to create a brand new user and add them to your site.

For this article, we will choose the Add New User option.

Step 2: Enter the necessary details under Add New User

Note: Make sure to select the appropriate User Role depending on what they are supposed to do on your site. For the list of the Roles and their functions, check this article Summary Of Roles In Lime Funnels

Step 3: Once done, click Add New User

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