How to Change Your Domains Nameserver

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The following article is to help guide you to make the required changes to your domain name servers. It requires you to first setup your domain name within Cloudflare.

If you've not change your DNS settings for the custom domain that you want to connect, please refer to our article DNS Setup for Custom Domains here.

After you complete the steps of the DNS setup, you will be provided with Two Cloudflare nameservers. You will need to copy that nameserver and update it inside your domain registrar.

Below are a list of guides to implement name server changes on the most popular DNS services.

If you cannot find your domain registrar below, a search on Google such as "How to change nameserver in *your domain registrar*" will give you the necessary resources to implement it.

Please choose from the list below from where you are changing your nameservers from. For example: If your purchased a domain from GoDaddy and are connecting it to Cloudflare, follow GoDaddy's instructions. 



Google Domains

123 Reg



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